integrated marketing

Integrated Marketing

We deliver integrated marketing across all channels with a unified message, meaning your customers will see and hear your message in the right place, at the right time.

What is integrated marketing?

Integrated marketing is the art of creating a singular customer experience from marketing through to sale of good or service. Expert marketers craft campaign messaging and couple that message with compelling creative in order for customers to get a unified journey. Therefore, no matter what channel, strategy or tactic is used, the end customer will get the same experience. In reality this means if a user sees an ad out in the wild and is then targeted through social media they get either the same or a complement message.

Consistency in integrated marketing

Consistency is key to success in integrated marketing. Whatever your campaign theme or message, users should be able to recognise your ad at a glance and this should improve with reach and frequency over time. The best integrated marketing campaigns successfully build a rapport with customers right up to the point of sale and beyond. The best integrated marketing campaigns pave the way for business and repeat business. Having a consistent message, look and feel is table stakes. To take this to the next level you need a progressive messaging matrix across all channels. This will take the customer from wild and unaware through to purchase.

Benefits of integrated marketing

The major benefit to integrated marketing is that you increase your exposure to conversion ratio. This means that you are getting more sales of your product or service per impression of advertising served. Or put simply, your marketing becomes more efficient. Naturally, the knock-on effect of this is increased sales, brand loyalty, repeat purchases and therefore profitability. It’s not easy though, it takes meticulous planning, preparation and activation. At Ubiquity we can help you plan and activate your integrated marketing campaigns and start delivering those all-important results.

Great, so what’s next?

Contact us for your free, no obligation consultation. You may have some form of integrated marketing already or have done some in the past. Either way, we would love to know you better and advise you on the best in class marketing practises.