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We offer social media strategy development, content production, community management and audience growth across all major networks.

Why is Social media important to your business?

Over the last 10 years social media has become extremely important for business development, acquisition marketing, retargeting, content delivery and customer service. Traditionally businesses were only focussed on the following they had and growing that number as high as it can be. This is no longer a measure of success and it shouldn’t be your focus. Customers are wise to advertisements across the internet and in particular the ads they are served on Facebook. Similarly, customers often revert to social media in the first instance when they have an issue or a complaint.  It is important to be responsive and be seen to deal with these issues quickly and with a positive result. Here at Ubiquity we craft a bespoke strategy which is tailored to your business which will acquire users, engage with them and serve them as individuals.  The net benefit of this is that we create a community atmosphere and improved positive sentiment towards your brand which will create sales and repeat business indirectly.

What social channels should I be on?

There isn’t a cut and dry answer to this. We will work in partnership with you to understand your business and what channels your users use the most and importantly which channels will deliver the most benefit to you and your audience.  It could be all, it could be one, but we will get you the answers and craft the strategy for you.

What social success metrics should I work to?

As we alluded to above, forget following. What’s the point in having 100k followers if only a thousand of them interact with you? Therein lies one of the core success metrics, engagement. We will showcase to you what successful engagement looks like, help you understand what your current engagement is and what it should be. Similarly, we will plan, create and action the type of content which is going to drive real engagement with your audience.

Social media targeting

Across all social media platforms there is a wealth of targeting opportunities to get you in front of your customers to deliver a real time and relevant message. We can help you understand how to use these tools to be self-sufficient or we would be happy to manage your end to end social media strategy for you. We will show you how to target users based on their demographics, their likes and dislikes, their interests and their physical location. Similarly, we will show you how you can retarget lapsed users or users who have visited you without taking an action.

Social media content

In all forms of marketing content is king, no more so than in the realm of social media. As we said above, users are savvy to ads, they don’t want to be sold to, especially on social platforms. Your ads are an interruption to what they want, which is engaging content. We will show you how to create content which is engaging enough to add value to the persons day, content which is likeable and shareable.

Community management

It is a sad truth that a lot of the sentiment floating around the ether on social platforms is negative. Much of this is often projected at businesses that get it wrong. It is also a harsh truth that in business we can’t serve our customers as we would like 100% of the time despite our best efforts. Things go wrong, that’s just life. Success in business is driven from how we deal with these challenges and turn them into positive outcomes or moments. It is much easier for a disgruntled customer to go to social media to vent and often get a response than it is to queue on a phone for 20 minutes speaking to a robot, only making the matter worse. We have the knowhow and expertise to deliver a best in class community management and social customer service plan to benefit your users anytime things don’t go to plan.

Great so what’s next?

Here, we are only just scratching the surface of what social media means to your customers and the role you can play in their social sphere to the benefit of both of you. Get in touch with us to arrange your free consultation. We would love to understand what your problems or goals are so we can work in partnership with you to get you to best in class for social media strategy and management. Contact us here.

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