the fact of appearing everywhere or of being very common.

Founder: Greg Atkinson

It’s an interesting word.  When I worked in marketing at eBay we used it almost daily.  It essentially means to be everywhere.  Or in marketing terms to resonate with your desired audience.  For them to want you, need you, and be 100% satisfied by your product or service.  Just as much as you want and need them.  In marketing terms that’s a marketers goal.  To deliver a product or service to market in a manner which achieves Ubiquity.

Hi there, I’m Greg.  I’m a husband, a dad, a boxing fan, rubbish golfer and sipper of fine wines.  Not always in that order depending on the time of day or year.  My favourite film is Back to the Future and I can’t cook.  I’m also a marketing expert. That’s why you’re here I guess.  To see if I can help?  Well, I’m sure I can, so I better tell you a little more about my marketing acumen and less of the tapestry of my life.

I started out in marketing in 2005 as a fresh-faced graduate of Loughborough University.  Over the last 15 years I have worked for 3 large corporations, Carphone Warehouse, Best Buy, and eBay.  You can find out about my experience in more detail here if you wish.

Over that time I have been blessed to learn the extremities of my trade.  I have had many successes looking after all marketing channels.  From the depths of digital marketing to social media management and strategy.  From brand management to SEO to affiliate marketing.  I have managed teams on different continents, handled budgets in the tens of millions and activated marketing campaigns in different languages and in major cities across the globe – on the same day.  I’ve even won some awards too.  Feels weird laying my otherwise humble attitude to one side for a second.  But that’s marketing, right?  I’m marketing myself, to you.

I am here to tell you that whatever you want to achieve in terms of marketing is possible and I can help you realise it. It all starts by getting in touch.

Speak soon.