seo and aso strategies


Do you want to appear higher up in the search engines? We can offer advice on all the best practise SEO and ASO strategies to employ to have your website or app appear higher in the search rankings.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. By search engine we are referring to websites like Google, Yahoo and Bing where users go to search for something. By optimisation we are referring to the ‘on page’ changes and tweaks you can make to appear higher in the SERPS. By SERPS we mean, Search Engine Results Pages. Confused already? Don’t worry we have your back. In short SEO is the constant and sometimes frustrating art and science of making your website stand out from the millions of websites that engines have to sort through and rank in a certain order to deliver a relevant experience to the person searching. That person searching, with the right SEO keyword research, is the person you want to get in front of. To do that you really need to be on the first page(s) of engines like Google.

What is ASO?

ASO stands for App Store Optimisation. By app store we are referring to Google Play or the Apple app store where your app is submitted. By optimisation we are referring the copy, imagery and videos you submit to these stores that users will actually see. If you think that a web search engine like Yahoo has to sort through all the websites for a given keyword string to rank them for a given keyword. An app store has to do the same when it comes to sorting through all the apps. ASO is equally as tough as SEO and there are similarities in terms of the things you have to do in order to cut through the noise. Just like with SEO, when it comes to ASO, we have your back.

Why is SEO and ASO important to my marketing?

SEO and ASO are important to your marketing because they are essentially free routes to acquiring your customers. When you think about it, a potential buyer of your product or service or a potential download of your app is coming to a search engine or app store and raising their hands. In that instance, you want to appear as high as possible to stand with a chance to getting that user to consider and indeed use your business. Nay, you want to be number one. That’s why SEO and ASO are important to marketing and ultimately important to your business.

The best SEO and ASO strategies

The best SEO and ASO strategies start with keyword research. We will work with you to understand your audience and help you research how they search for your product, service or app. Knowing this paves the way for how we will structure your site or app store copy and indeed what you say about yourself. This is the beginnings of appearing higher in rankings than your competitors and all the other noise that is out there. There are many technical things to consider also. If technical instantly makes you feel nauseous, don’t worry we are veterans in this space. When it comes to SEO in particular it is important to note that in this day and age, content is king. At Ubiquity, we will help you understand why content is king and what we need to do to make you create compelling content. The sort of content that your potential users will not only love, but will fuel your growth in the SEO space.

Great, what’s next?

Just like everything at Ubiquity, get in touch for your free consultation. When it comes to SEO and ASO it is important to understand where you are and more importantly, where you can be. We will help you get there and stay there.


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