Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition

We can drive user acquisition growth across a multitude of channels to grow your business. Do you need a certain audience? More downloads? Registrations? Tell us what you need.

What is customer acquisition?

Sounds like a stupid question, but it isn’t. Customer acquisition is the strategies and tactics you employ to communicate with your desired audience and the messages you serve to them in order to compel them to buy your product or service.

Customer acquisition strategies

At Ubiquity, we have many years of experience when it comes to the best customer acquisition strategies. These can come in both digital online and offline strategies. We take an integrated approach to marketing to get in front of your desired audience as often as possible. Similarly, we will help you craft sequential messaging to have a conversation with your audience, no matter what stage of the purchasing funnel they are at. In addition, we will show you how to ‘prospect’ potential users, acquire users who are ‘in market’ and retarget ‘lapsed’, ‘curious’ or ‘dormant’ users.

Customer acquisition tactics

At a more micro level we will show you the various tactics you can employ and optimise on a daily basis to get more customers for your budget, no matter how big or modest it is. This can come in the form of new ways to target your audience through to tests to get the best messaging and creative. When it comes to customer acquisition, we will help you understand that the best strategies and tactics are an evolution, rather than a revolution.

Customer acquisition channels

There are many channels you can consider to acquire your audience, from the most basic offline channel, to the more complex digital marketing channels. There is no one size fits all approach to success when it comes to customer acquisition. At Ubiquity, we will help you understand the channels available within your budget and what marketing channels you should consider to reach your goals. From there we will start to bridge the gap between; audience, channel, strategies and tactics through to messaging and creative.

The best messaging for customer acquisition growth

It sounds like a cliché but a marketer’s job is ultimately to serve ‘the right message, to the right person, at the right time.’ Here at Ubiquity we will help you get under the skin of what that really means. In doing so we will help you create a messaging matrix of your core value propositions, products and services. From this we will be able to understand your purchasing cycle to get into the mindset of you customer. Doing this starts process of relating to your customers thoughts and feelings when they are deciding where to put their hard-earned money. This is an enlightening process which will deliver results and set you aside from your competition.

The best creative for customer acquisition growth

Creative is the culmination of all of the above processes. You have crafted your strategy to target your audience and you have chosen your channels. You have worked hard to understand what message you need to serve to your desired user, to relate to them and to make them consider you. The creative is the cherry on top, the thing they see before they decide to visit you or not, to purchase from you or not. In the modern age, the average customer is targeted with ads across multiple platforms, many times per day. The best advertisers need to stand out from the crowd. We will help you understand what great (not good) creative is and how to iterate constantly to get improved performance.

Great, so what’s next?

Get in touch with us to arrange your free consultation. Above we have just a flavour of the hard work that goes into great performance marketing. But don’t worry we are experts in it. We would love to understand what your objectives are so we can work in partnership with you to get you to best in class for customer acquisition strategy. Contact us here.

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