Customer Centricity

Your customers will be at the heart of every piece of advice we give you and every piece of work we deliver for you.

What does it mean to be customer centric?

Many business owners say they ‘put the customer at the heart of every decision’. That may be true, it may also be something that helps them sleep at night. The question is, do you really, truly, class yourself as customer centric? Furthermore, do the team you entrust your business and livelihood with, put the customer at the heart of every decision? Food for thought. One thing which is guaranteed is that if you work with Ubiquity, every piece of advice we give and every action we take on your behalf puts the customer first. Without your customer, you are nothing.

Understanding your customer and audience

To be customer centric, first of all you need to understand who your target customer and audience is. Without this you are literally shooting in the dark, you may get some hits but ultimately it is a futile exercise. We will help you understand who your audience is and perhaps who it should be. Once we know this we need to research their attributes and this isn’t just an exercise in demographics. It is understanding what makes them tick, what do they like or dislike and how do they consume their media and much more.

What does customer centricity mean in marketing?

Carpet bombing a target audience with ads is not going to revolutionise your business, things have moved on. Customer centricity in marketing means that you treat the thousands, or perhaps hundreds of thousands, if not millions of potential customers, as individuals. What does that mean? Well, put simply, like any relationship it means speaking to them as a person, on a level and building rapport. Not just for today, for a lead or a sale, but for 10 years from now. World class marketing organisations do this and they do it well. To be world class however, you don’t need millions of pounds of budget. At Ubiquity we can help you ‘bring the customer into the room’, which may sound like a marketing cliché, but without doing this your customer is just a means to an end. We think that’s sad, we and you, can do better.

Great, what’s next?

Contact us for a free consultation. We would love to understand your business and the customers you have now but importantly the customers you want tomorrow. We can help you structure your marketing with customer centricity.